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September 1984, Denmark

Dennis graced the world with his birth

February 1990, Croatia

Marta saw the light of day for the first time


lmost 8 years ago fate brought Marta & Dennis together.

This triggered a sparkle so bright it shone through the vast space between them.

April 2008

The University project AAUSAT II is launched from a space station in India!

September 2008

She moved to a big city, Zagreb, and discovered a world of opportunities


t all began back in 2009, when they both heard about student organization - BEST.

As two young spirits shared the same interest of space & satellites, they joined BEST summer course in Latvia.

27th of July 2009

He went shopping for the evening party & got lucky spotting a pair of shiny pink tights

27th of July 2009

She was allergic to pink & decided to sneak into the party wearing just shades of pink


t evening time a crazy pink party was organized. Everyone in pink - especially Dennis!

That's when he got an eye on his true love!

He rushed to her to ask for the first dance, but she was hard to get...

I don't dance...

1st of August 2009

He ordered flowers but never recived them, so went out himself to make a beautiful bouquet for her

1st of August 2009

She was flattered


inally after a week, she also fell for him.

September 2009

Some higher force made him write a letter to her after the summer course

October 2009

She couldn't resist answering


ut shortly after, the summer course finished and they went back to their home countries.

The summer was behind them, but the memories kept them up - and then the writing began.

One letter with the specific message...

Dear Marta,

Will you come to my BEST summer course in Aalborg?

12th of August, 2010

She arrived to Aalborg a little earlier to catch up with him

13th of August, 2010

He showed his great cooking skills, preparing danish dish - frikadeller


ven though a year already passed by, these two love birds started out right where they left off...


ow things really took off!

They traveled together all around Europe :)

29th August, 2011

He woke up with 101 mosquito bite on a Croatian island (as they didn't have tent to camp properly ;)

31th December, 2011

She was so happy to enter the New Year with him on a boat, under the Bosphorus Bridge in Istambul

September 2011

She applied for Erasmus in Denmark

November 2012

He started a new chapter in his life - work, and got dream job in Intel


he got accepted for Erasmus in Denmark and spends half a year with her love.

In a blink of an eye half a year passed and she needed to go back to Croatia to finish University.

Two next years were quite difficult and lonely for both of them. They dreamed about each other and their next trips together.

9th November, 2013

His first chilli tasting video

15th July, 2014

Her last 'battle' at the University

ummer of 2014, Dennis and grandpa drove down to Croatia.

Grandpa showed his inhuman skills, driving many, many hours to make it for Marta's University graduation party.

1st August, 2014

She is ending up Google Summer of Code in France and said yes to drive all the way to Denamrk with him

7th September, 2014

He achieved a great goal - finished first half marathon race :D

he moved in his apartment in Aalborg and got a bike... Soon afterwards she set her first big goal: learn danish, so she can chat with his grandpa.
October, 2014

She was really happy to start job in Intel Mobile Communication

July, 2016

He arranged everything to lease a car so they could go for tours around Denmark. That was their first car - a hybrid :)

he enjoyed her new home and he was happy to have her nearby.

They kept busy with new projects, such as: starting a food blog, traveling around, visiting food markets, planning web sites & pulling an all nighter in a nearby backery.

But that wasn't all. They also started the greatest project together. First they big bought a ground, then they sold parts of it, and then started designing their future house.

In-between all these busy hours, He had a secret plan to build up the courage to ask a BIG question...

July 9th, 2016 (9am)

She came home after a night of baking at Pennylane. She was completely unaware of the plan, but totally awake for the first roadtrip in Denmark.

July 9th, 2016 (10am)

He was very nervous about her lack of sleep.
They started driving towards Bulbjerg, a very romantic spot by the sea side.

e got down on one knee with the ring in his hand.

Without an answer she jumped around his waist and started squeezing him in complete silence.

After a couple of minutes he looked at her in confusion and tried to confirm:

"So is that a Yes?" in which she answered in tears "yes".

Will you marry me?


July 9th, 2016 (1pm)

He was extremely relieved that she didn't fall asleep
- and that she answered yes

July 9th, 2016 (1pm)

She fell asleep in the car home...

ich brings us to the point...

Would you like to join them in celebrating the life they build together and help them "paint" the future?

Time & Place

The wedding will take place
Saturday the 17th of June, 2017 at 14:00
and the ceremony will be arranged in
Havnehuset Aalborg.

Reception & Dinner Party

After the ceremony there will be reception the same place. We will join you at the reception around 16:30 and then we will have a great meal at Restaurant Fusion.
The dinner party will finish off with free bar until 3am.